Monday, September 14, 2015

Ghana Bound

Stories have paid the mortgage for nearly two decades.  Sharing stories and songs rooted in the African oral tradition has been my j-o-b since 1996. Now, I have an opportunity to perform in West Africa. 
The National Association of Black Storytellers Inc. (NABS) has invited me to perform at Panafest.  Additionally, I get to participate in the Inter-Continental Scholarly Exchange on the Preservation of the African Oral Tradition through Black Storytelling. Both the festival and scholarly exchange will take place in Ghana, West Africa December 1-19, 2015.
The stories and songs I perform are derived from both my personal experience as a woman of African descent, from the traditions handed down from my parents, as well as from my scholarly research. This project affords me an opportunity to go to the source of my cultural roots for the very first time and not only collect stories, but to participate in an academic discussion about African storytelling with a diverse assembly of people. 
You can become a part of this journey with me. Your contribution to my crowd funding campaign will make this trip possible. 
What do you get for your money? 
You will receive a reward for your contribution. You can have me perform in your home for a fraction of my usual fee. When I return from Ghana, I will be hosting a Sankofa Celebration where I will perform LIVE and you may be able to attend FREE. At the Sankofa Celebration the stories and songs I perform will include those collected in Ghana and/or inspired by my experience there. You may even attend the VIP reception at the celebration. No contribution is too small. 
Become a part of the story!

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