Monday, November 5, 2007

Making Time to Be Still

The only way I can effectively manage the demands of running my own performing arts company and the demands in my personal life is to allow time to be still. Being still enables me to recharge my battery and have the energy I need in the multiple areas of my life. I call it my Stillness Ritual.

Do not let the word ritual scare you. To set aside any concerns, let me be clear. A ritual is a series of acts you perform for a specific reason. My Stillness Ritual is taking time to listen within. Susan L. Taylor, editorial director of Essence Magazine and author of In the Spirit says, "The wisdom and strength you seek await you in the silence within."

I usually do my Stillness Ritual as soon as I awake. I take a few slow and deep breaths and focus on a few simple words such as, “Peace be still.” I say that phrase repeatedly to myself while remembering to concentrate on my breathing.

Some times my mind does wander which is natural. To get back in focus I simply put my attention back on my breathing. My Stillness Ritual usually takes only 5 minutes but the benefits are felt through out my day. When I am done my ritual I feel ready to greet the world.

If I fail to take time to be still I pay the consequences. I am less focused in my day so my thoughts are scattered. My energy is depleted more easily. My patience is short.

Just taking five minutes for myself each morning allows me to be more effective in all areas of my life. In the day-to-day fast pace of the world many may say they cannot find the time be still even for five minutes. For me, it is simply a must if I am gong to be fully present with the people I love and the work I love to do.

My Stillness Ritual is one of the most important tools I used to maintain peace and joy in my journey of life. If you would like to learn how to incorporate a Stillness Ritual in your life check out my article Make Time for You: Create a Stillness Ritual.

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foord1 said...

I like "my Journey". Reading it reminded me that I am on the right road of spiritual peace.



CoCoPuff332 said...

I certainly need to learn to be still. It was as if you were talking directly to me. I will try this ritual tomorrow starting with 2 minutes and working my way up to 5 minutes or more. I really enjoyed your journal and look forward to more " lessons" !!!!!

T. Dorsey said...

Foord1: So glad my blog affirmed for you that you are on the right path of your journey.

T. Dorsey said...

cocopuff332: Starting your Stillness Ritual by aiming for just 2 minutes than working your way up is a great idea!