Saturday, July 11, 2015


Storytelling is often perceived as frivolous entertainment for children. Busting this myth is a joy of mine. The best way I know how to dispel this notion, is to take storytelling into arenas where it is not often found.

Case in point: In a few weeks I will be performing at the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence  "Resilience on the Riverfront Transforming Trauma" Conference.  After my performance I will facilitate a workshop on how to use storytelling as a tool to transform trauma.

The conference attendees are trauma informed social service providers. My aim is to give them steps to incorporate storytelling in their practice. Ultimately, my desire is to have these providers discover how aiding their clients in crafting stories can help their clients to reveal deeper truths about themselves and uncover previously unknown strengths, such as resiliency and courage.

My heart really gets pumping when I introduce a new audience to the transformative power of storytelling. When my heart is highly engaged in this manner, it is proof positive that I am on mission.

A short while ago, I revised my artist mission statement after reading Making Your Life As An Artist. Here is what I wrote:
"Words are how I metabolize life. The by-product of that metabolism is stories, songs and poetry that helps me and my audience make sense out of the senseless, heal from unimaginable pain, and choose love again, and again, and one more again."
I would love to hear what your personal mission is. Comment below on what gets your heart full engaged. Have you figured out how to carry out that mission? Please share.


Karima Amin said...

Knowing that every culture has its stories, I believe that storytelling is a perfect medium for teaching about the customs, traditions, and history of a people. Listeners come to know that we are united by common human experiences in spite of our differences.

The stories I choose to share tell the world who I am and what I value. My stories develop empathy, total respect, and absolute regard. My stories help to build relationships, heal relationships, and establish relationships where there may have been none.



Thank you for sharing your personal mission. Ensuring that the stories you share reflect your values is why your storytelling is so authentic! It takes courage to be authentic and not simply do whats trending. Thanks again for sharing!

Deb O said...

Thinking of what gets my heart fully engaged is helping others . Thinking long and hard about my life's purpose and what I truly enjoy doing would be doing things inspire and change the lives of others . Not many people know this but when I got out of high school I really wanted to be a missionary. My mother however had other plans and they did not include going to Aftica . My heart is fully engaged when I'm doing something for someone else ... Now how may I help you ? 😀

Deb O